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It’s been an exciting couple weeks on the Gutenberg Publisher’s front!

As mentioned in a previous post, last week we secured and ISBN for our Chrisman & Kranz Library Press Edition. This week we received the LCCN! The last item needed to complete the Copyright page!

A colophon has been drafted for the first custom edition requested without front matter. Typically, a colophon consists of information about the publication such as place of publication, the publisher, date of publication. I can also include information on the printing device, data on the paper used, and the font description and history. In this particular colophon, since the client requested the Gutenberg Bible set “as published” (that will be the topic of a later entry) without front-matter, we are using the colophon at the back of each book with the copyright information included.

The front and back matter for the Chrisman & Kranz Library Press Edition has been drafted and is ready for printing!

The hard drive is set and packed up. It will go into the post today, headed down to Monk’s in Columbus Ohio. Michael has used Monk’s historically so we are printing this custom edition there.

Yesterday, I popped into Biroscak Printing here in Erie, Pennsylvania, the city where Kranz Book Bindery and Gutenberg Publishers call home. I want to keep the business local. The Gutenberg Publisher’s book sets will be printed and bound here in my historic home! Bennie and his sister took a look at a few of the files and we discussed the quality and requirements of the new Gutenberg Bible facsimiles. I am expecting a quote later this week.

If all of that isn’t exciting enough, we are now in talks to bind a period accurate 15th Century Gutenberg Bible set for the Seoul National University in South Korea! This is an incredible opportunity for Kranz Books Bindery and Gutenberg Publishers!

Stay tuned…

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