01:01 Bookbinder’s Apprentice

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Well, episode one of the Bookbinder’s Apprentice went very well!

We set the ground rules and expectations, we dished a bit on some basic terminology as well as some dos and don’ts, and we made some fun four-page 18th centuryesque pamphlets with humorous musings by some crazy Honey Badger Binder guy! Lesson was paper folding, grain direction, and the pamphlet stitch.

Humorous Pamphlet Image
The Lost Coffee Verses of Genesis

Tomorrow we will continue with non-adhesive bindings. Traditional Japanese stab bindings featuring Four Hole Binding, Noble Binding, Tortoise Shell Binding, and Hemp Leaf Bindings.

Hands Folding Paper Image
Mystery of the Hands

Marcia is a bit camera shy but has agreed to a picture and proper introduction next week! For now, her hands must fuel the mystery!

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